Underhood Checkup

Regular Vehicle Checkup – Under the Hood

One of the smartest ways to avoid surprises with your car is to ask for an underhood checkup. It’s a simple, effective, and inexpensive procedure to find any minor conditions before they turn into serious problems.

An underhood check is so valuable and simple that many shops include them automatically every time you have your car’s oil changed.

What is an Underhood Checkup?

So what’s included in an underhood check? Basically it’s the opportunity for the technician to look around your car’s engine compartment for anything that looks a little “off”; anything worn, damaged, or just not quite up to par.

Generally an underhood check will include examining all the normal wearing items in the engine compartment: hoses, belts, motor mounts, and more. It includes checking all the fluids, to make sure they’re in good shape and at the proper level. And it includes a look at all the filters.

Finally, it includes simply looking around for anything that might indicate a problem: a little rust around a bolt head… a wet spot that could indicate a leak… anything that might spell trouble down the road.

Preventive Vehicle Maintenance at Cottman

From there, the technician will write up a list that lets you know everything that needs fixing right away… and what should get checked again in a few months.

Depending on the age of your car and the mileage since your last checkup, you may not need a thing. Then again, you may discover something that could leave you stranded if it doesn’t get fixed. Either way, you win!

So take your car over to your nearby Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center and ask them to perform a complete underhood checkup. You’ve nothing to lose and piece of mind to gain.

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